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Meet Hello Galena Artist: NorthWest Designs

The creative concepts fueling this Hello Galena! feature have a family flare as NorthWest Designs boasts a trio of talented craftspeople: Pennie, Daryl & Drew Groezinger.

Believe & Inspire — Where Inspiration Meets Art
Believing that life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away, the artists with NorthWest Designs Glass Studio create uniquely inspired glass jewelry & wine stops. These artists are known for capturing the spirit of life in each piece. The artists hold fast to believing and inspiring as they transform molten glass into beautiful glass creations.

"Believe in God, Believe In Yourself and Believe In Your Family" is a saying that Pennie, Daryl and Drew Groezinger live every day. Believing in each other's abilities, this family has nurtured and expanded their interest in the arts.

With an eye for design, Drew is the youngest artist on the NW Designs team. Drew's artistic ability can be witnessed in his one-of-a-kind glass bead designs. Jewelry designers appreciate his eye for color and unique designs which they incorporate in their own beaded creations. Drew enjoys designing lampwork beads which he uses in the in wine stoppers, fan pulls and necklaces. Drew always welcomes visitors to the studio and provides demonstrations on the lampwork process.

It all began in 2003, at age five, Drew expressed an interest in glass and took a bead class. Drew purchased a torch and glass supplies with his birthday money and since adult supervision was required, he taught his parents bead-making basics. Family and friends loved the jewelry, bookmarks, and other decorative items coming from their studio. Soon, glass pendants were added to the line, and they started participating in juried art shows in Illinois and Wisconsin. Working together this family pastime has grown to the thriving business known as NorthWest Designs. Weekends are spent together in the studio or traveling to an artist community where they exhibit and sell their jewelry at juried events.

Lamp work beads are special in both the process of creation and the individuality in each finished bead. The artists start with rods of glass which they slowly & patiently melt while wrapping the glass around the mandrel. Using their own perspective of incorporating specific colors together the bead begins to come to life. Individual creativity takes over from here as the shape and design now come to fruition. Asked what they like best about making beads, Daryl says it's relaxing to design and create. Drew likes it as a way to focus on the task at hand. Pennie cites the motivation and opportunity to share family time together. She also says her 94-year-old Grandma Groezinger has been her inspiration with her reminder to always stay busy with your family as they are a gift from God.

In addition to finding the Groezinger's work in the Hello Galena! store and at various juried art shows, visitors will find NorthWest Designs Glass Studio is tucked in the beautiful hills of rolling Jo Daviess County, just 3 miles south of Hwy 20 outside of Stockton. Locate the studio on this map. You are invited to share in the experience of glass designs by watching the artists create unique glass beads. Studio hours are posted on their webpage—select show schedule on the left side of the homepage.

Contact NorthWest Designs:
13493 Blair Hill Road,
Stockton IL 61085
Studio Numbers: 815-947-2983 or 815-291-HOPE (4673)
Via e-mail

NorthWest Designs Wine Stoppers
Imagine their favorite bottle of wine accompanied with a handcrafted one-of-a-kind wine stop….take it to the next level with these artisan-crafted glass bead wine stoppers. Functional art that is a conversation piece to be enjoyed by friends alike. A piece to be cherished for the collector as well as those interested in its functionality. A great piece to accompany a bottle of wine for any occasion or gift. This wine stop fits any standard wine or beer bottle. Special orders are always a welcome as the color combinations can be yours to choose.

NorthWest Designs Abstract Pendant
The Black & White Abstract pendant is a perfect combination of black fading into a white background. This piece can bring a splash of color to your favorite black outfit or paired with a great white shirt will certainly look classy. This design is set with a silver plated large bail. The black magnetic cable photographed with this pendant is available for purchase in the shop. We believe in specialty designs with a focus on individual expectations and focus our attention to that specific goal. If you would like to see this piece in your favorite color, with a gold bail or on a smaller scale, please let us know.

NorthWest Designs Twist Pendant
This vibrant red pendant incorporates a touch of touch of yellow and white which brings great coloration. During the torchwork, the glass is twisted to bring new life and movement. The Twist is pictured on a black magnetic cable (16" or 18") which are available for sale.

NorthWest Designs Glass Sphere
United in Color. Color, color and more color is what this piece brings to any room. This glass sphere is hand designed by Drew, the youngest artist (age 12) of NW Designs Glass Studio. With an eye for color he has designed a piece with single strands of glass uniting them in a vibrant work of art. This glass sphere measures 9" and is accompanied by a stylish black stand. United in color -- this work of art will be a nice addition to both the collectors and the "fun at heart."

NorthWest Designs Handcrafted Plate
This beautiful handcrafted orange plate is nestled in a handmade metal frame designed to show the plate to perfection. This orange plate measures 9" and is accompanied by a 10" metal stand. A functional piece of art, this glass plate can be used to serve from or makes a great centerpiece on a coffee table. When you are not serving from does make a great candle holder as well. The orange glass is set off by darker glass accent pieces. Sure to be a family favorite for years to come.

NorthWest Designs Wine Art
Combine glass, cork and oak and you have a one of a kind piece for that wine lover. We have handcrafted a cobalt wine bottle to lay beautifully on an oak panel designed to be displayed as a piece of art on the wall or it can be used to serve from. A beautiful piece of functional art. This cobalt wine bottle is surrounded by wine corks. The piece measures 17" tall and 7" wide. The oak is hand cut and routered and finished with a true oak color stain & sealant.

Hello Galena! is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization made up of more than 65 local artists. Their artwork and signature gift items are displayed at 121 N. Commerce Street, Galena, Ill. Artists staff the art-only shop. Check out our handy online map, store hours and directions. For more information about Hello Galena, call (815) 777-1448 during shop hours.

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