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Meet Hello Galena Artist: Becky Sisco

“I did my first ‘art’ photography 38 years ago, when I borrowed an Instamatic camera and took pictures of shadows on the sidewalk for a college art project,” says Becky Sisco, photographer.” I became hooked on making images and soon had my own darkroom. Times changed, and I now do digital work. I love being able to manipulate my pictures so as to create what I see in my mind’s eye.”

A former newspaper reporter, Sisco is also author of “Garters and Grit: Stories from Galena and Jo Daviess County, Ill.” The book profiles people from the Galena area who have ties to the local history.

In addition, she makes jewelry, which is available at Hello Galena!

“Although I have spent much of my career writing, I would die if I didn’t have something visual going on, too,” she says.

Sisco's artwork, jewelry and books may be purchased at Hello Galena.

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