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Meet Hello Galena Artist: Beverly VanDerZyl

“Have camera will shoot” is the motto of photographer Beverly VanDerZyl. She captures sunsets, snowflakes, seashells, and smiles all for the purpose of sharing the images with others. “To preserve a precious moment or the beauty of creation for others to see brings me great joy,” VanDerZyl acknowledges.

After finding albums and boxes of photos taken by family members from the '30s, '40s and '50s, VanDerZyl realizes that photography is “in her blood.”

She explains, “Images tell stories and preserve history. I am so thankful for my family’s photographers!”

The idea that her hobby might be an artist expression was birthed when she completed a photography course with world-renowned photographer, Archie Lieberman. In the classes at the University of Dubuque, Lieberman shared his philosophy that photography is the window of the mind and that a good photo always tells a story.

“Before the days of digital cameras," Beverly explains, "I learned to develop film and make prints in the school’s darkroom, usually losing all track of time and sense of anything other than creating images.”

Since the photography course, VanDerZyl has discovered the digital camera and Photoshop Elements. She develops her artistic skills through trial and error (an advantage of digital images and editing software), reading, collaboration, and lots of observation.

VanDerZyl joined the Hello Galena! artist co-op in 2010 and writes the Featured Artists press releases for the organization. Her images, many with her husband's handcrafted oak frames, are among the newest photography on display at the shop. Her images also enhance her church's website at

Beverly’s work is for sale at Hello Galena, at 121 N. Commerce St., in Galena. Find online map, store hours and directions.

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